Seed to Sew - PF Flyers and Gitman Bros. Vintage Collaborate in USA



Over the span of two years, heritage footwear brand, P.F. Flyers, and domestic shirtmaker, Gitman Bros. Vintage, worked closely together to develop a special version of P.F.'s signature Made in USA Center Hi shoe. Unlike any other shoe on the market, the unique collaboration utilized Gitman's "Seed to Sew" indigo denim fabric, a 100% domestically made material from the seed all the way to the finished fabric. Given the significance of the project, the two brands aimed to share the full story in a richer, more visceral medium. 


There's so much to admire about this collaboration, but we felt the most compelling story was its grassroots quality and that the shoe was made in the USA from beginning-to-end. With this direction in mind, we scripted, directed, and edited a 4:30 length video that gave the viewer a behind-the-scenes journey at P.F.'s factory in Boston, Massachusetts and Gitman's factory in Ashland, Pennsylvania.

Gitman Bros. Vintage's President, Chris Olberding, and P.F. Flyers' Head of Global Merchandise Manager, Chris Tobias, walked us through how the collab came to be, what each brand brought to the table, and some of the shoe's noteworthy attributes.

In addition to the short film (which can be watched above or on Heddels), we shot and edited a selection of photographs below that each brand could use in their promotional efforts.


As a result of our efforts, the P.F. Flyers x Gitman Bros. Vintage Center Hi's story was clearly and vividly communicated to drive its launch in Fall 2016. The video was watched more than 15,000 times across several influential platforms, including Cool Material, Primary Mag, Airows, Ponytail Journal; and continues to be an authentic brand reference amongst fans and enthusiasts.