PF Flyers 80th Anniversary



With a history dating back to the early 1930's, P.F. Flyers has grown to become one of the most storied brands in the footwear world. Although the company first found its footing in 1933 when they patented the "Posture Foundation" comfort insole technology, it wasn't until 1937 when P.F. Flyers made its debut as the shoe to help you run faster and jump higher. In 2017, the heritage footwear brand sought to celebrate its 80th anniversary and most memorable moments in American culture.


To commemorate the momentous occasion, we outlined, directed, and edited an approximately 3:00 length video narrated by Brand Historian, Alyasha-Owerka Moore, at the Inspiration vintage market in Los Angeles, California in February 2017. As our goal was to dig into P.F.'s roots while highlighting their advancements in footwear technology and rich heritage, we included promotional materials and vintage memorabilia from their archives, and exclusive footage filmed at their factory in Boston, Massachusetts. To tie it all together, we worked with Vancouver, British Columbia-based musician, JayLeonardJ, to record original music.

You can view the full video above or on P.F.'s Youtube account, as well as see below for photographs we provided to complement the short film.


In tandem with P.F.'s relaunched website, the short video and set of images were not only impactful in raising awareness of their 80th anniversary and heritage, but also serve as excellent references for old and new fans alike. The video was also shared amongst targeted online publications including Market WatchKicks on Fire, HeddelsMr. Mag, VAMP, and KXXV (ABC).