MASSDROP X NAKED & FAMOUS Ichiban Selvage Denim



In April 2017, we received word from community commerce site, Massdrop, that they'd soon be teaming up with the mad scientists of denim, Naked & Famous, on their first collaborative raw denim jean - the Ichiban Selvage Denim. No stranger to thinking outside of the box, Massdrop felt this would be a great opportunity to not just sell an incredible product, but also give both new and seasoned enthusiasts a deeper understanding of the jean's creation process, unique attributes, and respective brands' stories.


Bearing Massdrop's needs and goals in mind, we outlined, directed, and edited a 3:30 length video, in addition to shooting a set of high-resolution photographs at Naked & Famous' headquarters in Montreal, Quebec. Please view the final video above (original video can be found on Youtube, more detailed coverage on Heddels) and below for the imagery.


Our video and photography resonated strongly with both Massdrop's team and passionate community. Within a mere two weeks of the drop, more than 1,100 pairs of the Ichiban Selvage Denim were purchased, marking one of the most successful custom products Massdrop has created for the "men's apparel" community.