inside the Levi’s Vault - The Methodology of Levi’s Vintage Clothing



In 2016, Levi's archival arm, Levi's Vintage Clothing (LVC), and the online publication for well-made clothing, Heddels, teamed up to give readers an inside look of LVC and a deeper understanding of their Spring/Summer 2016 "Elesco" collection. In true fashion, LVC faithfully created Elesco as a reproduction of the Levi's internal baseball team's uniforms from the early 1900's and c. 1930's sub-line, the Home Run Label.


With the goal of raising awareness of Elesco and bridging the connection to Levi's and LVC, we felt it only made sense to base the 4:30 length video around Levi Strauss & Co.'s famed archive in San Francisco, California. Senior Designer, Paul O’Neill, and Archivist, Anastasia Fink, helped narrate the short film as we toured through LVC's design studio and their remarkable vault of treasures.

We carefully documented a range of original garments and collectibles, and crafted the video and photography (below) so the viewer could grasp the importance of and process behind Elesco and Levi's Vintage Clothing.


The combination of the video and imagery was a tremendous success for Levi's Vintage Clothing and Heddels. The video has been viewed 70,000+ times and shared 2,000+ times including by numerous industry leaders and influencers such as Hypebeast, Highsnobiety, WGSN, Put This OnSFist, Ponytail Journal, Intelligence Magazine, and Men's File.

"The guys knocked a custom content piece for Levi’s Vintage Clothing out of the park and effectively communicated our seasonal story to our core audiences.”

- Raul Mendoza, Levi's US Collections Marketing Manager