FDMTL Studio visit with Gaku Tsuyoshi



Toward the end of 2016, online publication, Heddels, sought to expand its video content by profiling a brand and designer that they followed and admired, but felt wasn't as well known as others in the space. With their shared interest in indigo and repair work, Tokyo's FDMTL and its designer/founder, Gaku Tsuyoshi, were the natural candidates.


We scripted and edited a 5:30 length video that documents a recent visit to FDMTL's flagship store, Catii Tokyo, in Meguro, Japan and one-on-one with Tsuyoshi as he shared more about his roots in denim, love for boro fabric, and string of creative collaborations. The full video can be watched above or on Heddels.


Aside from being one of Heddels' most watched videos, the actual article was one their highest trafficked during the month of publishing. The film was also shared 500+ times and across other respected online publishers, including Hypebeast, Highsnobiety, Long John, and Ponytail Journal.