Hinoya and Sunhouse - Tokyo’s American Casual Specialists



In October 2015, raw denim website, Rawr Denim, underwent a rebrand in an effort to refine their identity. The site was reborn as Heddels, an online publication that helps people understand and find clothing they can use forever. However, they were still as passionate as ever about their roots and as video content was part of the new direction, they sought to profile a couple of influential, under-the-radar players in the Japanese denim scene.


While many denim heads and clothing enthusiasts are intimately familiar with Japanese denim and brands, less is known about the retail end of the industry in the land of the rising sun. Said another way, we all know about Japanese denim, but what's it like to buy these products in the country? The idea was hatched to head to one of Tokyo's busiest shopping districts, Ueno, and dive deeper into this very question by focusing specifically on the esteemed Hinoya and Sun House stores.

You can view the approximately 6:40 length video on Heddels or their Youtube channel.


The short film was remarkably effective in smoothing the rebrand transition, setting the tone for future videos, and has been enjoyed by thousands of long-time and new readers around the web. The video was also featured on other online publications such as Hypebeast and Highsnobiety.